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Upland cotton grown in the United States offers a wide range of qualities due to the large land area, diverse weather patterns ranging from severe drought to abundant rainfall, time of planting ranging from February through June and harvest beginning in July and ending in January. These conditions can be challenging to meet the spinning demands of our customers. Toyo Cotton Co. has expertise since 1920 merchandising U. S. cotton.
There is no other production area in the world that can offer this wide range of qualities. Toyo Cotton Co. buys from all growing areas in the United States, thus we can offer qualities and quantities that meet our consumer’s needs ranging from the finest products produced from the ring spinners to denim produced by open end spinners. It is our goal to provide timely updates to our customers with price, quality and production tendencies of the U. S. crop and to deliver U. S.
cotton in a timely manner for our customer to meet their textile production goals.
Toyo Cotton Co. welcomes you to explore our website and answer any inquires you may have.

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